News - New NewsOne Live Channel Downlink Parameters

Here are the parameters for the NewsOne distribution system:

Downlink Frequency: 11955.000 (Vertical)
Data Rate: 27.000
Symbol Rate: 19.532
FEC ¾    

Service ID 1: NewsOne Live Channel
Service ID 2: ABSAT Channel 2
Service ID 3: ABC News Now

How to downlink this feed:

  1. Input the above parameters into their digital KU satellite receiver(Also known as an IRD)
  2. Find the “Service Menu” on their digital KU satellite receiver (this will vary depending on the brand of receiver)
  3. The station needs to choose which Service they wish to see from the list above(Service and Channel are the same thing)

Please note: The NewsOne Voice Alert is still located on the third audio channel of the NewsOne Live Channel (Channel 3 audio of Channel 1 in this multi-plex). 

If you are having problems downlinking this feed, please contact Chris Myers at 212-456-3680 or Rich Rozycki at 212-456-7374.